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For many years 

I sail my ship

Across endless seas 


Discovering countless lands

Austere and lifeless


Until one day I sunk the hull of my ship

Into the bosom of your love


And there I shall forever endure. 



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They have taken over my museum of white

with their shiny plastic things

and busy irrelevant



They remind me that life 

outside these pristine walls


as the alchemy of young pleasure


they stay only but a moment.


So that I may stage another glorified show.

Of which I enjoy




Silent Siren

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Took a walk 

thru mothers lot


of topiary and amethyst flox 

And upon the pool I stay too long


drown in eternal song


Beyond twisted tree

a world exists so far from me

My body


My consciousness 


Free from folly

silent cry


alone am I



five & five

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five & five

two symmetrical bodies

each familiar frame woven and clasp together

caressing pattern and print, 

how silent the sonnet

responding to every push and pull, they do.

the delicate and playful fun they pursue, the immeasurable passion.

such torment to hear them wail at release

for none can record the sweet undying life they breathe.


five & five






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there's no need to call on me

all is well,

I've plenty of sardines and wine you see. 

a cornucopia,

even grandmothers dinner bell.

weather's fine, no storms at bay. 


-who needs it

when no conversation can prove it

nor length in travel to discover no end of it,

but we know you must.

so at midday when blazing heat mystifies with creative inhibitions 

and the taut silky white facades pitched against cobalt

awakens us.

tonight the stars offer blessings

as fire and passion 

turn to dust.






black and blue

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black and blue

in the morning,

and in the evening I wear black and blue.

you're so lovely -

with each moment frozen still 

by the velvet moon, 

your trumpeting blossoms of love,

riddled in abstraction.

my burden too deep

black and blue.

work quickly before the dew my love

please clothe me visible;

remember white will be my death.

so no more

black and blue

- TW



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the measure,

back and forth,

the ambitious padding.

there in the deep pools of black, reflecting head of the coin,

you draw me up - 

out there, 

beyond the white danby.

back and forth.

timidly I say,


see what I've built.

back and forth.

nothing from those jowls I split apart,

but a silent invitation to hunt lucidity.

back and forth,

back and forth. 


- TW

For You I Wake

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a blooming vision

you penetrate me.

as close as a whisper yet exist as

a coupled verse strung from tin.

bathed in warm sun, I trace the gild shoulder

to a place where nude ribbons tease my existence,

and your index carves a spline of possession into my frame.

only for you,

I wake.

- TW


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mum visited again

with her haunting insecurities

no one comes out to play.

how can you,

when even the strongest muscle


swollen from the inside out - 

a chasm of silence.

retreating anchor

tomorrow will bring courage


liberation from such necessary things,

says, mum.


- TW